Some important tips that you must know before choosing a skin care product for dry skin


If you have a dry skin, you need to be very careful while choosing the skin care products. First of all, you need to determine what makes your skin extremely dry. Just examine the main reasons and then pick the products. Use the products according to your skin type and be stick to your skincare routine. Before purchasing best lotions for extremely dry skin especially for the face, have a look on some of the important points –

  • Know your medical state- It is seen that dry skin is caused due to many factors. There are some serious disease or illnesses that cause dry skin. Some of these are- Hodgkin’s disease, liver failure, diabetes and Thyroid disease. Before treating skin, you must get treated for these serious diseases. It is seen that when you treat these medical problems, the skin become naturally healthy.


  • Dehydration- Many people are dehydrated even who live in areas with heavy snowfall. It is recommended by the doctors that one must drink at least 9 to 10 glasses of water in a day. It is minimum quantity but if you are doing physical activities or living in hot coastal areas then you need to increase the intake of the water. If you reduce the intake of water then you’re overall health and skin suffers.


  • Weather- Cold and harsh weather can remove the natural moisture of your skin. People generally experience dry skin during the winters due to chilling winds and excess sitting in the heating system. Make sure that you cover your all parts while stepping out and use a humidifier inside your place.


  • Bathing- Hot water and soap cleans the body and removes dirt, debris, and oil from your skin. But bathing in excess hot water can remove the essential oils of your body which is bad for a dry skin. So it is advisable that you must bath in the warm water instead of hot water. And must apply the moisturizer.

It is very important to keep all the points in your mind, before buying best lotion for extremely dry skin for the face. To buy any skin care product for a particular skin type, visit:


5 mistakes that are aging you

Anti age serum

While ageing is inevitable, but another truth is we all want to age gracefully. Getting good night sleep, applying SPF to prevent sun damage, and putting anti age serum is extremely important, but there are many factors that you need to consider to slow done your ageing process. Some of the common skin care mistakes that are ageing you include-

1. Not washing the makeup off- You may feel it’s no big deal to go to bed without taking off your makeup but this nasty habit can actually clog your pores, leading to a dull and dry complexion. As we age, our skin gets drier and makeup instead of helping can ruin the skin if not taken off at night. If you find it really tough to remove the makeup, it is advised that you keep a pack of face wipes and use them to remove the makeup before hitting the bed.

2. Skipping SPF – Just because you’re inside your car, doesn’t mean your skin is safe from sun rays. The UVA rays can penetrate even glass windows so it is essential, you protect your skin all year round.

3. Assuming organic is better – Sure organic products are good for body, when it comes to food, but that can’t be 100% true for your skin. Do not assume that some skin care product will reduce your skin just because it is organic. Be wise, while choosing your skin care products. An anti age serum can do wonders for wrinkles, so research and use the best that suits your skin.

4. Sleeping on your stomach- Sleeping on your back is the best way to avoid sleep-induced wrinkles. It is better if you use a stain pillow than a cotton one.

5. Consuming too much alcohol or coffee- Caffeine and alcohol are a part of life, but excess of both can lead to dehydration and put load on your liver. Your liver flushes out the toxins from the body, giving your skin a healthy and youthful appearance. Too much alcohol or caffeine can create build up in your liver, leading to dull, dry skin, which can further cause acne, wrinkles and sagginess of the skin.

These are the common mistakes that can lead your skin to early ageing signs. If you ruin out these habits from your life, you can easily get rid from ageing signs.

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Just Follow these tips for healthy skin, no matters what’s your age

tips for a healthy skinAging can change the appearance of the skin. You can’t control the hormonal changes like falling estrogen levels that cause sagging skin or the influence of genetics that give you a particular bone structure. But you can definitely control the external influences on how the skin ages and a right anti-aging skin care plan can blunt the damage. Wrinkle creams, eye serums and anti aging products can slow down the signs of aging. For creating an effective anti-aging skin care plan, it is important that you modify for skin care habits.
Foremost step of an anti-aging skin care plan is to start healthy skin care habits. There are many benefits of healthy skin habits including-

· Reduces fine lines and wrinkles on skin

· Retains the firmness in the skin for longer

· Clears up the skin and prevents blemished complexion

· Gives a bright and glowing complexion

· Reduces the risk of skin cancer

Some of the healthy skin habits that you should implement in your lifestyle are-

1. Keep your skin protected from sun – Sun protection is extremely important for healthy skin. UV exposure is the number one skin ager. Make sure you don’t step out between 10 am to 2 pm. Sun damages can cause loss of collagen which results in wrinkles and a lot jawline. Always wear a sunscreen whenever you step out. Use a sunscreen that offers SPF 30 and water resistance.

“About 90 percent of nonmelanoma skin cancers are associated with exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun”

2. Moisturize your skin- As we age, the skin gets drier and fine lines start appearing. Skin renewing creams trap water in your skin and give a more youthful appearance. You can search for skin renewing creams for face online and choose the one that suits your skin type.

3. Eat healthy food- Don’t only concentrate on skin care products. The largest organ of your body is skin and it is very important that you provide your skin with all the essential nutrients. Include Vitamin D in your diet, eat plenty of omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids, and the most important drink plenty of water.

If you want to include anti aging products in your plan, make sure you select these products carefully. And if you are looking for best skin renewing creams for face online, visit

How to get rid of dark circles?


Dark circles can affect anyone and at any point in our lives. Anyone who has a hectic job or odd job timings and high stress level knows exactly what a ‘no sleep’ situation is. Lack of sleep can often lead to dark circles and you’d do almost anything to get rid of them. The under eye area is one of the thinnest areas of skin and it is often neglected in skin routine. Usually, dark circles are hereditary but there can also be other reasons like high pigmentation in that particular area that causes skin darkening under the eyes.

There are endless ways you can diminish dark circles under the eye. Most importantly, use the best eye cream for dark circles. There are many eye creams available in the market. But, it’s important you do a little research and then select the one that suits your skin type. The other things that you can do to lighten your dark circles are-

1. Take beauty sleep- The age-old saying is that key to beautiful eyes is getting enough sleep. Getting enough sleep reduces the redness and tiredness in the eyes. Experts’ advice to keep one or two pillows under your head to prevent fluid-buildup in your lower eyelid, which gives an impression of puffy eyes.

2. Avoid caffeine and alcohol- Coffee and alcohol cause dehydration making your dark circles prominent so make sure you avoid these.

3. Get skin-friendly diet- You may get dark circles because of lack of vitamins. A well rounded diet comprising of fruits, vegetables can make your skin healthy. Make sure you include foods rich in vitamin C and K in your diet and reduce the intake of salt to reduce the puffiness.

4. Concealer- Concealer is the secret weapon for tired eyes. It helps in even the skin tone and works as barrier against the sun damage. Use a concealer a shade lighter than your skin. If your skin is acne prone, use an oil free concealer.

5. A beauty tip- If you are suffering from dark circles or puffy eyes, skip the under eye liner as it brings out the bags. Instead use concealer with shimmery powder that’s a shade lighter than your skin.

Need more help? Check out Alpessence. They have an exciting range of skin care products and best eye creams for dark circles.

Top Reasons You Have Dark Spots On Your Body


Blemishes and dark spots on your nose and other parts of the face make your look weird & an ugly. You can call them as hyperpigmentation, liver spots, age spots, or the sun burns.

The reason of these skin spots can be skin damage, the reaction of a cream or other pigmentation.

Many dark spot creams are rich in antioxidants and if you want a clear and spotless skin for your face, it is advisable to buy best dark spot cream. There are many reasons of these dark spots and you can fight them easily. The main reasons are-

The Sun-

This is considered as the number one reason of dark spots. The sun damages the exposed areas of the skin.

  • When the skin exposed to dangerous UV rays, the skin reacts, as a result, it produces a shielding pigment which is called as melanin. Even though melanin gives some protection from the sun, but the sun damages the skin deep in its layers.

  • This results into the dark spots and makes the skin tanned and dark. It can also result into skin dullness, wrinkles near the eyes and sagging skin.

  • To protect from sun burns or sunspots one can cover the body part that is exposed to the sun and can apply some good quality spot cream.


When there is any hormone fluctuations occurred due to any reason it led to one of the most frequently occurring side effect that is the change in skin color and irregular glow.

This is seen commonly during pregnancy or variations in birth control. In pregnant women, the melasma develops usually which appears in the form of dark patches on the cheeks, nose, forehead jaw-line, or on the chin. Uneven skin color is caused due to the extra hormones stimulating which results in the production of melanin.


Age spots or liver spots are also caused by sun damage, gathered and then grown over several years of exposure. Most popular with the elderly people who are over the age of 55, age spots tend to dot the body parts that are exposed to the sun such as the face, neck, hands, back, feet and shoulders.

There are various treatments for these dark spots. You can consult the doctor or best dark spot cream that can give you a glowing skin.

Say Bye-Bye to the Pores

skin pore

Large pores on skin make your face appearance dull and ugly.

Many of us apply different varieties of rejuvenating, cleansing creams, pore minimizing cream that cover the skin to reduce the size of the pores, but sometimes they really won’t shrink.

To reduce the size of your pores, you really need to understand what are the causes that contribute them to appear larger. Here’s a summary of pores and some of the suggestions that help you to get a flawless skin.

What Are Pores?

The name “pore” actually denotes an opening in the surface of the skin from which the microscopic particles can pass easily. Though the presence of large pores on the face can be frustrating.

Knowing some lesser known details about pores can support you to deal with them in a good way. Below are some very important things to know about pores. These are-

  • Actually, pores are hair follicles.
  • The appearance of pores is mainly defined by genetics.
  • Factors that make your skin pores look larger are- oily skin, aging, environmental changes, dry skin, and acne.
  • Daily cleansing can help minimize the appearance of pores.
  • More cleansing can really cause your pores to produce more oil.

Tips to minimize the large pores-

Shrink the pores permanently never be easy, but apply right diet and pore minimizing cream that suits your skin and made with high vitamins and antioxidant, help you to get rid of the pores. By using high-quality creams you can reduce the size.

However, you can follow some of the steps to prevent the blockage of your pores and keep them clean, so that their size look smaller. Consider the following important points-

  • Clean your skin twice a day with a good cleanser to remove oil and dirt.
  • Must use sunscreen lotion when traveling in summer to protect your skin from the sun damage which may lead to saggy pores.
  • Always use the gentle exfoliate to remove dead skin cells and unclog pores.

Choose the high recommended pores cream according to your skin type

After following these methods, you will be seeing the difference. To get rid of the pores never be easy, you’ve to follow a proper diet routine and need a vitamin rich cream to reduce the inflammation.

Effective Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Open Pores


Having open and enlarged pores on the on the face or nose makes your facial appearance ugly. Today, there are various Pore minimizing cream are available in the market, but you can not trust on every brand. You have to choose a cream according to your skin type.

The pores prone skin has many problems including blackheads, acne, whiteheads etc. To get rid from these types of skin diseases you can choose recomeded pore minimizing cream from the trusted brand like “Alpessence” or if you don’t want to use crean, you can choose the natural home remedies that decrease or reduce the size of pores without any side effect.

Here we narrow down some remedies that you can use and are beneficial.

Egg white-

Egg whites are widely used to reduce the enlarged pores because it is used to tighten the skin. The masks of egg white are good for excessive oily skin or for greasy skin.

How to make Egg White Facial Mask?

Stir an egg white and spread it equally on your face. Keep this pack for some time until it becomes dry. After 30 minitues wash it properly with cold water. Do the same process on the regular basis for atleast 15 days and you will notice the change.

Aloe Vera Gel-

Aloe Vera gel is very useful for reducing the size of pores. Apply the fresh aloe vera gel on the face and after ten minutes rinse the face with cold water.


Ice is known for its tightens the skin and reduce the pores property. This remedy improves the texture and appearance of your skin. Rub ice cubes on the skin for 10-20 seconds that will help you to shrink the size of pores.

Apple Cider Vinegar-

Apple cider vinegar is a natural astringent and used to tone the skin. It is used to restore the pH of the skin, reduce the pores, tightens the skin, and help to treat the acne.

Now how to use it

Mix the same amount of water and apple cider vinegar and then apply on the face. After 15-20 minutes wash your face with clean water. Use this remedy for few weeks and you would see noticeable improvement in your face.

Yogurt Mask-

Stir the yogurt and apply a layer of it on your face. Massage it for few minutes then rinse it off with the cool water. Yogurt act like a deep cleanser used to reduce the acne breakouts and the size of pores. Use this remedy daily and your pores size will decrease.

Fuller’s earth-

Mix the fuller earth with water or milk or rose water. Make a paste of both and apply it on the face then allow it to dry and wash the face with cold water. The other big advantage of using fuller’s earth is that it soaks the excess oil off your skin.

By using the above-mentioned home remedies, you can reduce pores easily and keep your skin clean without any side effects.